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Non-statutory audit: Why?
Non-statutory audit: Why?

Non-statutory financial statement audits

A non-statutory, i.e. voluntary, audit provides assurance about the true and fair view of the financial statements. It puts you in a stronger position when you render account to the public.

Non-statutory audit: why?

Having your financial statements audited potentially offers great added value – even for companies that are not under a statutory obligation. A non-statutory audit is one that is voluntary. A company might voluntarily decide on an audit for a variety of reasons. For example, the directors might wish to show that the business is ‘in control’, or an audit might be demanded by the supervisory board or external shareholders. Another benefit of an independent auditor’s opinion is the potential added value when you apply for a loan or a grant, or when you sell your company.

The Van Oers approach

No licence from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, ‘AFM’) is required for carrying out non-statutory audits. However, with a view to your communications with third parties it is best if your auditor is an independent and quality-oriented firm that is licensed by the AFM. With Van Oers Audit, you deal with your dedicated account manager: an experienced auditor who answers all your questions, or involves the right specialist at the Van Oers Group.

Getting to know each other

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