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Van Oers: continually on the move with Transport & Logistics
Van Oers: continually on the move with Transport & Logistics

Transport and logistics

The Transport & Logistics sector provides transport of goods and people by land, by air and by water. This sector plays a prominent role in the Dutch economy. As an exporting country, in the Netherlands this sector is heavily dependent on foreign spending. Globalisation, increases in scale and sustainability and IT developments: the sector is facing a range of different trends.

In general, the sector is characterised by low profit margins, high capex and fluctuating prices. This puts a great strain on the companies operating in this sector. Increasing the flexibility of costs, holding back reserves in credit facilities, improving operations and seizing opportunities for revenue are important ways to survive in this cyclic sector.

Transport audit

The international world of Transport & Logistics is characterised by the large numbers of laws and regulations. Ensuring compliance with all national and international rules is time-consuming, costly, complicated and not without risk. Adding to these risks is the trend among businesses to combine more and more different operations.

In view of the specific characteristics of this sector, an experienced auditor who understands the laws and regulations governing the sector can add more value.

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