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When is an audit required by law?
When is an audit required by law?

Statutory financial statement audits

Any company that meets certain size criteria is required to have its financial statements audited by an audit firm that is in possession of the necessary licence. Van Oers Audit satisfies this obligation in a way that is as personal as it is effective.

Who is subject to this statutory obligation?

Statutory audits of financial statements were introduced by the government to protect society and its economy. Your company is required by law to have an audit conducted if, for two consecutive financial years, it meets two of three criteria. At present, these criteria are as follows:

  • Balance sheet total assets in excess of 6,000,000 euros;
  • Net turnover in excess of 12,000,000 euros;
  • Average workforce based on a full time equivalent in excess of 50 or more.

Conducting the audit

Only an audit firm that has been issued a licence by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, ‘AFM’) may perform a statutory audit of your organisation’s financial statements. The AFM uses this requirement as a mean to safeguard the quality and reliability of audits. The audit firm that you select conducts the audit at your offices. Working with Van Oers means a personal approach, and the same audit team wherever possible. The result is an efficient and effective audit.

Preparing the audit

Some companies do not have the freedom to choose their own audit firm to conduct the statutory audit. For example, they might be part of a group of companies that has a regular group auditor, or foreign investors might impose conditions on the audit. If you find yourself in this situation, but you nevertheless prefer the personal approach that Van Oers offers, do not worry: we can still be of assistance. We will carry out the pre-audit services for you, as a one-stop provider of all your administrative, accounting, tax and legal support. If you want, we can coordinate our work with the audit firm conducting the statutory audit, to improve the overall efficiency.

Personal and effective

We appoint a dedicated account manager for each client: an experienced auditor who has sufficient time and scope to build a connection with your company. Whenever you have a question, you can get in touch with your account manager. The specialists of the Van Oers Group are in the background, supporting your account manager. This helps safeguard the continuity of our services and makes sure that the audit is completed on time.

Getting to know each other

Do you need an audit firm to carry out the statutory audit of your financial statements? Let us tell you more about our personal approach. Get in touch with one of our contacts, or fill out the form shown on the right for more information or to set up an informal meeting.

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